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what is one of the highest paying career groups today?

Question by Hector Sanchez: what is one of the highest paying career groups today?

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Answer by Obama is a loser
Many of the highest-paying careers are also careers that are in high demand, thanks to a shortage of qualified people. Most high-paying careers require several years of postgraduate education. This extra schooling often means those in top-paying careers will have a lot of debt to pay back. In many cases, it can take several years for a doctor or dentist to get out of the debt incurred from student loans. However, because their jobs pay well, they can pay that debt off much more quickly than a person with a lower-paying job.

Chief Executives
Chief executives, or CEOs, are among the highest-paid professionals. A degree is not always needed for the job, but in many cases a CEO has at least a bachelor’s degree. Extensive professional experience in the field or working for a particular company is a must. The average annual salary is about $ 240,000 a year, according to, the online media division of American City Business Journals, a national publisher of metropolitan business newspapers.

Physicians and surgeons must complete lengthy schooling and training before they can begin practicing on their own. In addition to a four-year undergraduate degree, a doctor must complete four years of medical school and three to eight years of an internship or residency. The doctor must also pass a licensing exam. The average salary is about $ 140,000 a year, according to

After completing school and receiving a four-year degree, aspiring dentists must attend dental school, which can take a couple of years. After that, dentists are required to pass a licensing exam. The average salary is just under $ 135,000 a year, says

Lawyers are well compensated for the work they do. Many charge on an hourly basis, and the average hourly pay is about $ 58 an hour, according to This equals about $ 126,000 per year. Lawyers must get a bachelor’s degree and then complete three years of law school. Lawyers also must pass a bar exam for each state in which they want to practice.

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