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University degree and Career path. Help!?

Question by Isabella: University degree and Career path. Help!?
I am in a bit of a pinch, as I am a senior at high school and will next year be applying for university.

I have almost only A’s, I volunteer at Red Cross and an animal protection organization. I have also already started University earlier , and am taking American Literature ( 1 semester course) while attending my last year at high school. I am taking A-level in Biology, Literature and Chemistry. First of all, I am a person who loves Literature, especially American Literature. I am very interested in taking a bachelor and maybe masters degree in American Literature. I have actually also considered studying Law or Psychology, so as you can see, I am still in the process of choosing a path. My parents want me to study medicine, like dentistry or something of that kind, which I definitely do not want, even though you get paid a lot. Yesterday, when I told them what I felt about studying medicine, they got awfully angry, and even went as far as saying that I will most likely end up on the streets if I study Literature. That confused me even more.

My question is if you have any idea what kind of job a masters degree in American Literature ( or English Literature) will give me? Is it worth taking the risk and studying Literature? I am now very confused and split, and I really do not want to choose the wrong path. Also, is it maybe possible to study Law/Psychology and at the same time study American Literature? I highly appreciate all answers. Thank you!!!:))

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Answer by David
If I could do it all over again… I would become a dentist. No question.

A bachelor in literature (on its own) is not going to get you a whole lot to be honest. However, you can do a variety of things once you tack on a post-graduate degree.

First and foremost, you could get your JD in law afterwards if you are able to maintain high grades and do well on the LSAT. Law is very much a study of argumentation and the appropriate use of language: hence, a degree in english could be excellent preparation for legal studies.

I dated a girl getting her masters in literature and she desired to become a writer for tv-programs. She was a top notch student.

Note however, that it is quite difficult to maintain straight A’s in the literature/English streams due to a strong reluctance on the part of english and history teachers to hand out A’s. They do hand them out, but A+s are exceedingly rare. My History prof informed me last week that he has handed out 2 A+s in the past 3 years of teaching several courses.

You can also become a librarian with postgraduate studies. Also, with a teaching degree you could become a high school teacher. Last profession I can think of is to go for your Phd and become an academic (i.e. working as a professor at a university). You could become a teacher at a College with a masters. This is all I know.

I do not know where you live, but the LLB is on its way out, so it may be beneficial to get a law degree as a JD. I believe that the USA really only has use for a law graduates with a JD. I am unsure of this however, so ask a university law department via email.

Last tip, check university websites and the web at large for types of careers for various degrees and you will find them.

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1 comment for “University degree and Career path. Help!?

  1. paulfriedman7
    June 15, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    A BA in Literature plus two years of teaching school will buy you a teaching credential to teach secondary school English. A Masters Degree in Literature without a teaching credential buys you nothing except possibly a job as a librarian. If you wish to teach Literature at the college level you need a Ph.D. Even then, positions are few and far between.

    To practice law you need four years of undergraduate college plus law school.

    You be a professional counselor, you need at least a Masters in Psychology. To be a psychologist you need a Ph.D. or a Psy. D.

    You can study anything you want (or any combination of things) in college, but you have to MAJOR in something, presumably what career you wish to pursue. You really need to make up your mind about what your career plans are.

    Absolutely do not pursue a career that you are not interested in. You would be wasting your time and your parent’s money.

    more careers for Literature majors…1c.1.PQKvGVtjTb0&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=304ddafb65aaa7e0&biw=1312&bih=864

    more on selecting a career and major

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