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Q&A: What are some high paying careers?

Question by Ken: What are some high paying careers?
My dream is to have a cabin up north. I need money to do this obviously. I am going to a university and i have no idea of what i want to do. Can you give me some high paying careers that aren’t too complicated?

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Answer by Piano245
They’re high paying because they require expertise and hard work. A lot of high paying jobs are in the health care industry. Engineers usually get paid very well. If you aren’t interested in hard work or complication… I hear marshmallow farmers are in more demand than ever.

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1 comment for “Q&A: What are some high paying careers?

  1. Megan Hilton
    August 12, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Medical and business are your best options. It’s hard work of course and you have to be passionate about the field to get through it, but it pays well. Dermatology pays extremely well. Engineering is good. Doctors naturally pays well especially if you specialise in a certain field. But all of it requires hard work. Business is another option, but everyone goes for that and the job isn’t as secure as a medical one. You could also work in the defence work in a higher job there like a pilot or whatever you want and the defence force will help you pay off that cabin

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