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Q&A: Highest paying non-medical careers?

Question by K**: Highest paying non-medical careers?
I am looking for a career that pays a minimum of $ 100,000, but it only seems that it is offered in the medical field. At first, I had my mind set on being in the medical field, but now I feel as if it’s not worth it, because of how many years of school you need and the possibility of getting sued is way too high for me.

Can someone give me a good list of jobs that pay a lot but aren’t in the medical field?
I’m not trying to skip out on most of college, but going to school for 10-16 years is completely ridiculous and expensive…

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Answer by Holly
Lawyer or engineer

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2 comments for “Q&A: Highest paying non-medical careers?

  1. Jon
    June 6, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Most jobs that pay over $ 100,000 are going to require a lot of school so get it out of your head that you want to essentially skip over most of college and “get rich quick” any thing you do is going to take time and you gotta work hard for what you want.
    Aside from medical jobs though, business and law are both potentially high paying job subjects. Hell, try and be a famous actor if your looking at all your options at this point haha.

  2. Amanda B
    June 6, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Your best bet would be to become an actuary. You only need a bachelors degree but there are a series of tests to get into the job but I think you only have to pass the first two to start working as one. Now at first you won't be making over 100k but once you Finnish all of the tests and really get into the field you can make that much.

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