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Most popular career choice?

Question by : Most popular career choice?
in your opinion what is the most popular choice in career, and also say what is/would of been your favorite career

because i want to be an architect, but i’ve heard other ppl have the same dreams as me

Best answer:

Answer by Sizzle grl
It’s time to choose what important. I would say 9 to the 9 and 10 to the 10. Maybe even 15 to the 15, but thats not likely, most of the time. Architect, probably in the 7 to 7 range. If you ask me the only 20 to the 20 is actually NOTHING! Career shameer- don’t be a 1 to the 1. You can at least try to get i don’t know, 5 to the 5. I am probably 9 to the 9. You, ehhhh, you can do better.

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